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View Diary: Jobless rate hits 8.2%. 'Missing workers' make the situation look better than it is (349 comments)

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  •  no, I explicitly said (1+ / 0-)
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    that we should brainstorm.

    you accuse others of "giving up" but then summarily dismiss the idea that we should try to figure something out about how to change course.

    •  there is nothing substantive (2+ / 0-)
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      Supavash, Pozzo

      that is going to happen between now and election day. What policy do you believe will pass this House?

      We aren't going to change course between now and the election day.

      At best, Obama can pound on the podium, propose policies, etc, but he won't actually be able to pass anything.

      So, the only path forward pre-electoin is to highlight the positive, and to inform just how much worse things will be under Romney.

      •  again (1+ / 0-)
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        you accuse others of "giving up" and then dismiss out of hand any idea that we should try to do anything.

        interesting how you can keep those two things in your head at the same time.

        •  yawn (0+ / 0-)

          recognizing that the House will not do something is not "giving up."

          Saying, it's all over and we are going to lose and "this was his last chance" et al is giving up.

          Interesting how you can't see the difference.

          But please, you tell me what the republican house will pass that will immediately help this economy.

          •  no (3+ / 0-)
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            BradyB, wsexson, Meteor Blades

            saying "lets not try to figure out what we can do because we can't do anything" is giving up.  

            conversely, me saying "lets try to figure out what we can do" is not giving up.

            •  wasting time navel-gazing (0+ / 0-)

              is not "not giving up."

              Wasting time trying to think of ways to make crazy people see reason is not "not giving up."

              •  ok, we are not going to get anywhere here (0+ / 0-)

                I see that you are going to continue saying that those saying "lets try to do something about this" are giving up while those saying "ehh, nothing can be done because of congress, etc" are not giving up.

                so long as we cannot agree on the basic definition of the phrase "giving up", it's pretty clear we are not going to get anywhere in this conversation. have a nice day.

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