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View Diary: Jobless rate hits 8.2%. 'Missing workers' make the situation look better than it is (349 comments)

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    Just give up your profession and jump into another whenever necessary. That's the problem, people are too inflexible. Righhht.

    I think you probably understand my comment perfectly well. I'm saying the ones who have food worry a lot less about the economy than the ones who don't.

    As far as there always being quite a bit of poverty, well I guess that should make my poverty stricken ass feel so much better.

    And sorry for the way I respond sometimes, I don't have Phd or a doctorate. I try to speak intelligently, sometimes by emotions get the best of me. Especially when I am worried about feeding my family. I'm a victim of our public schools. I don't have a high school diploma. I can't even spell my handle correctly.

    Lot's of this stuff is way beyond the ability of my little mind to comprehend. But I'm not going to let that stop me from trying to participate and maybe get a little smarter in the process.

    "I will believe corporations are people the day Texas executes one!"

    by Haningchadus14 on Fri Jun 01, 2012 at 10:09:06 AM PDT

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