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View Diary: Vanity Fair Must-Read: “The 1 Percent’s Problem,” by Joseph Stiglitz (222 comments)

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  •  There was a regular in the New Yorker (8+ / 0-)

    that wrote about food, boxing and the press.  He was the brother of Ring Lardner but I don't recall if he used the same last name.

    This odd, eclectic mixture of topics was somehow held together by great writing and superior insights.

    One of his repeated maxims was that hard times made great cooks, great boxers and great writers.

    Should it surprise anyone that such could be true?

    I accept your admonition that inherited wealth is quite different from earned - or stolen - wealth.  Though I would interject attainment of wealth is not the mark of genius.

    I would advise that one judge the rich by their members, often unknown, who increase their wealth and power, not by those who attain social notoriety.
    Then is it possible you would consider the testimony of J. Paul Getty, once known as the world's richest man, that it was far more of an achievement for his father to make a million than for himself to make a billion?

    Wasn't Bush I the fellow who spent all his time in the john when the Iran-Contra scandal was hatched and discussed?

    Maybe it was there he did all his reading and deep thinking?

    I took him for an idiot topped only by President Ford, who passed out WIN (Whip Inflation Now) to fight inflation.

    Best,  Terry

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