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View Diary: Vanity Fair Must-Read: “The 1 Percent’s Problem,” by Joseph Stiglitz (222 comments)

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    He's way more conservative than Nixon or Javitts.  He's probably even more conservative than Nelson Rockefeller.  The biggest difference I can see, is Obama's more liberal social issues posture (though most liberal republicans hold the same views, they just don't wave that hanky in public).

    But whatever liberal stripes he may reveal on symbolic social issues - and he had to be dragged screaming to accept gay marriage, so no points there - the minute those issues start costing the government a penny or (god forbid) force a material shift in power between the ruling class and the people, homeboy is gone, gone, gone.

    I think his political team is deeply cynical and think they can bullshit their way past November against a flawed opponent without giving us anything that would betray their true allegiance to the banks, Wall St, the military industrial/national insecurity complex and the murderous, slave-making, New World Order.

    And - as was reported in the Washington Post - Obama is the biggest tightwad to sit in the oval office since Eisenhower. But Eisenhower raised taxes to 90% on top earners, so he had a lot more money to play with.

    Obama cut corporate taxes and created more bullshit loopholes, in lieu of concrete socio-economic programming that might have more effectively triaged the crisis on the ground.

    Which makes him more right-wing than Eisenhower, too.

    "Bait and Switch II: Revenge of the Empire" coming to a theater near you.................. hold on to your wallets and your civil rights...... we're in for a bumpy ride.

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