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View Diary: Nuclear Power Corporation of India to launch 16 new nuclear reactors (27 comments)

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  •  Personally, my own view is that we should... (0+ / 0-)

    ...phase out oil first, since it is clearly the most pernicious fossil fuel when evaluated in its economic, its environmental and its societal aspects.

    Although people seem to believe that the phase out of oil is too difficult, it's actually rather straight forward if one captures carbon dioxide from the other dangerous fossil fuels and replaces all oil products with the hydrogenation of that carbon dioxide.

    There are many well advanced programs for the thermochemical production of hydrogen.   Given the importance of the issue, on a wise planet, this would be a very high priority.

    On a dumb planet, by contrast, we'd just listen to the blathering of Greenpeace and their "by 2090" talk.

    It is possible to synthesize what is called "FT gasoline" and "FT diesel" in this manner, but I would suggest that the use of dimethyl ether in this capacity would be far wiser.

    The mechanism for doing this is suggested by the phase out of leaded gasoline several decades ago.

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