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View Diary: "Biblical" Genocide? Over 100K Public School Students To Get Lessons On Killing Unbelievers (230 comments)

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  •  Why do you ignore Harris' own (0+ / 0-)

    commentary on what he said and what he meant, as linked to above?  It is a high order of dishonest hackery to rely on your own selective interpretation of his comments when he's provided rather detailed commentary on what he said.  You could at least respond to his follow up commentary.

    As for suicide bombers, why is it problematic in any way to note the rather indisputable fact that suicide bombing is almost exclusively the province of Muslim extremists these days?  Whether or not the practice might have started with Buddhists in Sri Lanka is rather irrelevant.  Buddhists from Sri Lanka haven't been employing suicide bombing all over the Middle East for the past decade, have they?

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