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    Fortunately, the Democratic Party is leading the charge in rolling back Trade Agreements and severely taxing, and otherwise inhibiting, the off-shoring of US jobs.
    There is a small minority of Dem politicos who are championing the idea of "Fair Trade", in which things like labor protections, environmental regulations, safety standards, etc, would be written into the global trade rules.

    Obama was one of those, as a Senator.

    As a President, though, he has introduced to Congress the free trade agreements with Panama, Korea and Colombia that the Dubya Administration negotiated. He has not resubmitted either NAFTA nor GATT to include any "fair trade" provisions". And he has been making noisesd about re-starting the Doha Round talks to expand the jurisdiction of the WTO.

    The only President who has done MORE for the corporate-based global trade structure was Bill Clinton.

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