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    ...with US economic policy, in my view. That cake was baked a long time ago by our largely privatized treasury and banking system. When the president did not immediately nationalize the big banks following his inauguration -- it should have been pretty clear that the game was over as far as the financial sector is concerned.

    In the years that followed, folks wrote plenty of essays pressuring the President on this issue. (Pointlessly, in my view.) Many screamed loudly over the depraved extension of the Bush tax cuts, which essentially put the ball in the GOP court and allowed them to create a debt limit crisis in America (due to the reduction in revenues).

    So, I ask you, why now?

    You're smart. You telling me you can't see what's really going on?

    According to the Tea Party, there are three kinds of Conservatives: "Those who can do math and those who can't."

    by Pluto on Fri Jun 01, 2012 at 05:03:19 PM PDT

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