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  •  While I'm no fan of term limits (0+ / 0-)

    I think it's important to note that Congressperson Miller has been an elected Representative since 1975. I'm familiar with his record, and reside just East of his district. In fact, I work at one of his almae matres.

    Is there any thought given to the notion that politics should not be a lifelong career and that, at some point, a new generation of left-leaning folks might be tapped to serve as citizen legislators?

    I hope that it's clear that my post here isn't meant to denigrate the Congressperson's accomplishments; he is, in fact, a strong progressive voice, and is indeed very much in tune with his district. However, I wonder about the appropriateness (and, given that his district extends into the SF Bay Area, the necessity) of having the same person as representative for nearly 40 years.

    With that said, I look forward to your calling out Republican obstructionism this Fall as the election approaches, then even more forcefully when the debt ceiling and sequestering nightmares rear their heads again over the winter holidays.

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