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  •  However, there is method to their madness. (17+ / 0-)

    The Republicans are undergoing a terrible trial right now - the looming realization that the clock is ticking on their viability as a party.

    The other day, I described this as situation to someone as similar to what General Motors' leadership faced with many of their brands in recent decades. They knew that Buick and Cadillac customers were a shrinking, aged market; they knew that younger buyers increasingly spurned Chevrolets and Pontiacs in favor of competitors' offerings. But the notion of walking away from a business model that had served them so well for so long left GM leadership paralyzed. New management team after new management team placed the blame on labor and material overhead. But the fact that was eating away at GM's empire was an inability to change their business approach to adapt to the realities of a changing consumer marketplace.

    Now look at the GOP. Today it has transformed into, essentially, a party-for-hire to the biggest interested donors. Money alone cannot convert votes, however, so the party maintains, both directly and through its surrogates, a huge media arm, a top-flight PR effort, and a coordinated mass-communication strategy designed to motivate undereducated voters to the Republican cause, as it were.

    But reasonable conservatives are deserting the party, and its older voters are, inevitably, going extinct. This forces the adoption of an increasingly less mainstream base, which in turn seeks to purge the party of its remaining "reasonable" elements. What we are seeing is a dying beast. In just a few decades, while the Democratic Party has expanded its base almost exponentially, the GOP, without a radical course change, will find itself sitting on a massively shrunken voter demographic. In a hundred years, it could be gone completely.

    What we see today is a sort of frantic sense among Republican leadership that the bell has begun to toll for their model of doing business, politically. Pressured from below by extremist and fundamentalist voters, and from above by big donors who demand a return on their investments, party officials are being squeezed into an unsustainable strategy that will ultimately hasten the party's demise. But, unable to U-turn the Titanic, they are locked into their present course and will likely cause the U.S. - and the world - a great deal more trouble before they finally adapt to the new reality or, more likely, perish in irrelevance.


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