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View Diary: Martin Bashir takes on GOP's Absence of Leadership (60 comments)

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  •  Don't even try, they never will, they are blinded (0+ / 0-)

    by their hate, contempt and bigotry. I just wish they would all just go away, we are never going to reach any common ground with these jerks. None of them can ever tell right from wrong. If people think this is bad news for the President, they have not seen my F.B. home page, I am taking a pounding, and they don't want to hear it is the G.O.P.'s fault. Hell freaken Meg Whitman, Romney's bestest buddy, just laid off some 20,000+workers at H.P. Just watch and see, all of his cronies will do whatever they can to help this S.O.B. win, there will be more of these "maniuplitative, planned layoffs". I am sure of this. This President is the Corporations worst nightmare, and Romney is their "wet dream", they will do all they can to defeat him, hell, I wish it was not the economy, because these bastards control it.

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