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View Diary: Dobson's Focus on Family Recently Supported Filibuster [Update] (66 comments)

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  •  Keith Olbermann rocks!! (none)
    Other then the Daily Show, Countdown is the only good news source on TV.

    "Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become universal law"- Immanuel Kant

    by LeftistIndependent on Tue Apr 26, 2005 at 10:59:19 AM PDT

    •  Focus on the Family (none)
      may regret making Olbermann the target its email campaign defending Dobson's comment that Spongebob was gay.  Since then Olbermann has targeted FOF several times.  
      •  sounds like a Bush tactic (4.00)
        targetting people who criticize you. However, there is LOTS of hypocrisy on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. To me the BIGGEST hypocrite is ORRIN HATCH (R-competitors of Microsoft). Bill Clinton sat down and discussed potential nominations with Hatch, in charge of the Judiciary. So there was "advice" in the "advice and consent." Bush doesn't even pretend he has to listen to advice from the other side of the aisle. More egregious, Hatch switched his position on a certain rule 180 degrees from Clinton to Bush. When questioned on this flip-flop, he merely said "I was wrong before". Also, under Clinton there was the senatorial courtesy of a "blue slip". If either senator from a state where a judge was being nominated quietly objected to the nomination, the nomination was pulled. Democrats are not allowed this rule under Bush, so the fillibuster is the ONLY "weapon" Republicans have left Democrats with. And we all know how dangerous a "cornered" animal can be.
      •  Yeah, you don't wanna fuck with Olbermann (none)
        He's normally nice and friendly, but if you're a mean right-winger who's full of shit, he'll call you on it and he doesn't mess around.

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