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View Diary: Climate denial: The GOP war on science should be the Democrats' greatest political weapon (253 comments)

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  •  The Last Gasps of a Dying Species (2+ / 0-)
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    atana, Dracowyrm

    The climate change theory is as close to fact as other theories, such as gravity, plate tectonics, and evolution.  Species extinction is also a strongly proven tenet.

    There is absolutely no rule in place that states that homo sapiens will reside and rule this planet forever.  In fact, there are untold number of cases where a species, through inability to adjust properly to its own environment, was an active participant in its own demise.

    Best case, if projections continue and our impact on the environment doesn't change, is the economic collapse of civilization as we know it, perhaps to some feudal state.  Worst case is obliteration.

    However - - if the Democratic Party brings this up in the current election cycle - - they wil lose.  The well-funded Republican propoganda machine will decimate Democrats on this issue, treating any ouspoken proponents of climate change as tree-hugging long-haired hippie commune-dwelling 'libruls'.  You may have already heard undertones of the looming conversation on this - - Republicans stating that the 'adult' view is the sensible one where we support the job creators, aka big business such as big oil.

    This is our reality - the inability of world governments to react in cooperation, let alone our own government, will result in, at best, too-little too-late reaction.  Maybe the end-of-the-world survivalists have it right, almost accidentally; the world will end not in the way they think, but end nonetheless.

    •  The US is declining and irrelevant to the future (0+ / 0-)

      The hopes of humanity now lie elsewhere: Europe and China, places where basic science is done.

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