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View Diary: 'Media Critic' excoriates FOX news EMPLOYEES as working for an outlaw, rogue organization. (124 comments)

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  •  My dairy July 2011 trying to flush out a mole (0+ / 0-)

    This was when the Murdoch scandal in the UK was really beginning to heat up.  Now I'm not suggest that I had anything to do with smoking out the mole, but I am advocating that, for us lefties, suggesting such things as this publicly, can be a very good strategy.  You never know who might be listening.

    Hey Fox News lurkers... come over here, let's talk

    I wonder where a bunch of tainted pseudo journalists like yourselves are going to find work when the the inner workings of your organization are all exposed. My advice is to jump ship now and sell whatever story you've got on Fox to get a job or some cash while there's a market for it. Have no doubt that's what the guy sitting next to you is thinking about doing. Hang around this sinking ship too long and you're going down with it. Leave now and act like your conscience got the better of you, you just had to come clean, and you just might survive this ship wreck. Bon Voyage.

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