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View Diary: 'Media Critic' excoriates FOX news EMPLOYEES as working for an outlaw, rogue organization. (124 comments)

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  •  you all are correct of course. (0+ / 0-)

    however, the FOX audience is complicit as well. they have willingly made no effort to educate themselves, compare/contrast FOX with any other news source, because FOX feeds them what they want to hear. remember, all things being equal, FOX still must operate under the natural laws of economics: where there is no demand, there is no revenue. even rupert murdoch isn't going sink money down a rabbit hole.

    granted, The Washington Times, the moon owned/operated "newspaper" has never, to my knowledge, in its entire existence, shown a profit. it doesn't operate under the normal natural economic laws, church funds are funneled into it, through the "rev" moon, enabling it to continue publishing. the same goes for CBN, pat robertson's station. as far as i know, murdoch has no church to fund his operations with.

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