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  •  We are way past due for a single payer health (5+ / 0-)

    care system and a government not purchased by the Koch brothers.  Who sold them Wisconsin?  It's my state too, I do not remember signing it over to them

    •  i am disabled (0+ / 0-)

      does that mean it is all right to let me die?

      •  why would you ask that? (1+ / 0-)
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        I too am disabled and my husband recently became so. Because we have no sane health care system he has to wait two years for medicare  I have been scrambling like a madwoman to find health care for my kids and myself, and even medicare has been taken over by private insurance companies (if you want prescriptions)
        The state run health care is also private insurance companies whose main job is of course to make a profit.  
        So amidst the horrible tragedy of dealing with post stroke depression we have to sort through all the frigging game playing of insurance companies, what doctor can we see, what day of the week can we see them, what drugs can we have and from what pharmacy and what are the preauthorization rules.

        I am fed up!!! I want to help my husband deal with his depression, my kids with the major change in life, but no! I have to sort through volumes of insurance company literature.  nobody from a civilized country from Canada has to do this.

        •  never mind i see you were responding to the (0+ / 0-)

          dialysis issue.  i dont see why it would be okay to deny medical care to anyone who needs it, including dialysis.

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