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  •  I was having trouble yesterday (2+ / 0-)
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    Well I didn't so much realize I was having trouble until I got home and I reviewed the photos I took.  I used both lens adapters yesterday and clearly I need to read up on things and learn more. A significant number of the photos are encased in a large black circle (the lens) because I had it extended too much, or something.  

    Also, I took some photos of the water garden and it was a very bright day, taken very close to noon, and most of them did not come out well at all.  So I think I was supposed to adjust the aperture?  I'm still using autofocus.  Time to get moving and learn about how to adjust for these things.  

    I can take them into photoshop and crop them and maybe process them a bit and I'm pretty sure I'll get good results.  

    But there a number of habits I have to form now that I am using a digital SLR.  I have to remember what lens I have on there and think before every shot whereas with a point and shoot you pretty much just have to adjust the zoom, consider the light and compose it and shoot.  I did start using the macro setting on the point and shoot so I was starting to think about settings before every shot. But it is going to take awhile to get used to this.

    I still got some good macro shots yesterday, but a lot of my other ones were not very good at all.  Gotta figure out how to use these things :)  One thing I was really happy about was the wide angle lens adapter.  I was able to take photos of arrangements in the various garden displays and capture the whole arrangement of flowers rather than just small sections of it. I've never been able to do that before.

    I am already though, starting to catch that bug I always hear about from photographers -- the gear thing.  I'm already wanting a good telephoto lens.  Ha.  It will be awhile before that happens.  The adapter I have is pretty good and joe shikspack was helping me figure out effectively what I get with it -- the equivalent of about 180mm if I remember correctly.  But I'm jonesing for a 300 already.  How did that happen??

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