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View Diary: Bridges, Badgers, Bagpipes and Barrett [or] What "Enthusiasm Gap?" (88 comments)

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  •  From my view there is no enthusiasm gap! (7+ / 0-)

    I have NEVER seen so much passion, fun and intensity over a political race and I see this in other people too!

    Seriously, it is a situation when we have to consciously tell ourselves to not talk about it - when we are at work for instance.  

    Everywhere I go there seems to be an opinion (pro or anti-Walker) and the "I don't care crowd" seems to be the minority.  As far as the republican's out-enthusiasm-y the progressives - that is pure baloney.  These must be people who haven't step foot in our state in the last 2 months (or 1.5 years).  As soon as you cross the border you feel the electricity.  

    I mean, the pro-Walkerites can't even figure out how to occupy a bridge without getting thrown - off; that tells me who has the most enthusiasm....

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