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View Diary: Beyond the Margin of Error: When Polls Fail, or Why Elizabeth Warren Will Dash GOP Hopes (104 comments)

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    The reason these things do matter aside from polling interpretation accuracy is that the interpretation can effect what parties decide to do to win elections. I think Democrats have either chosen very poorly to focus on the issues center in many years, instead of the apathetic partisan, or else they long ago determined these folks are too difficult to reach. Republicans have long ago decided to focus on base turnout, particularly in the more apathetic non-presidential years, and don't worry about converting "centrists" (that don't really exist in real numbers imo). They've sometimes swayed too far, and turned off their own partisans, but I don't think they swayed many people to the other side until they really get dangerous.

    So their ads are not about swaying someone's opinion (which we often grouse about on here, including me, "why would this change anyone's mind") and more about getting their apathetic supporters to get mad and come out and vote against the other guy.

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