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View Diary: Gov. Don Siegelman Facing 20 Years, Obama Pushes for Long Sentence (188 comments)

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    Gov. Siegelman served all his time in solitary confinement while waiting for his appeals to be heard! Absolutely cruel and unusual punishment.
    I can agree that the title might have created less controversy if it read "Obama Administration pushes for long sentence".  But that harldy warranted the insidious attacks by commentators...a travesty of justice has transpired upon a decent human being who happened to be an effective Democratic Governor.

    It is not beyond the pale to believe that what this DOJ under Holder and Obama did not correct it directly condoned! And thus blame for this continued prosecution can be placed with Holder, and the final decision maker President Obama.
    Personally I could not believe that President Obama did not ask for the resignations of all of the US Attorneys upon his first day in office...he could then have accepted or rejected them at his leisure, and Canary should have been the very first to go.

    Messaging and Justice have both been sorely lacking in this Administration.
    It is a hard and disappointing day to be a Progressive Democrat.

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