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  •  The claim (surely a false claim for the reasons (0+ / 0-)

    cited above) is going to be that, because Wisconsin has same-day registration, you drive in 10,000 Democratic voters from (pick-your-out-of-state-foil-here) and have them all register as newly relocated Wisconsin residents at 123 State Street, Milwaukee, WI.

    Trouble is, for the many reasons cited, voter fraud is extremely rare because of how difficult and easily detectable it is in modern times (the charter busses parked outside the polling place, the ostensibly well-coordinated group of "voters," the bizarrely high numbers of same-day registrations at Polling Station A as opposed to Polling Stations B through Z...).  But, there are unreconciled conspiracy theorists everywhere, be it the Republicans who are still convinced that Obama didn't actually win because he's actually a Kenyan-Indonesian-Manchurian-Alpha Centauran plant, or the very small number of activists who hasn't yet accepted that we actually lost Ohio in '04.

    Usually these rumors rocket around on election day and dissipate like morning fog by midday on Wednesday.  Rarely do they actually have legs and stick around for a few years.  This claim strikes me as the gone-in-24-hours variety.

    "The first drawback of anger is that it destroys your inner peace; the second is that it distorts your view of reality. If you come to understand that anger is really unhelpful, you can begin to distance yourself from anger." - The Dalai Lama

    by auron renouille on Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 02:09:17 PM PDT

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