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    tonyahky, OhioNatureMom

    I often wonder it as well as to why people vote against their best interest. I guess that they think they will be one of "them" if they did. But what is one of "them."

    •  I am one of 'them' (3+ / 0-)
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      tonyahky, NoMoreLies, OhioNatureMom

      But they overlook that.  Except when they vote in a way that will get me laid off and women sent to the hospital with back alley abortions.

      •  my mother (9+ / 0-)

        has consistently lectured about how women should follow the dictates of their husbands (when two of her 3 daughters were single).

        She doesn't understand student loan debt. (I am the only college graduate in the immediate family) Never asked me.

        She pretty much thinks mormons belong to a cult (they do), but she'll defend Romney on every issue. She HATES the whole frat boy ethic, but voted for George twice

        My sister, who is sort of libertarian rather than republican, repeats their smaller government b.s . She bitches  about government at ANY  opportunity, yet she lives on disabilty insurance, our mother lives on a government employee pension, and her bro-in-law is a federal employee.

        I think my mom has been defensive since 1968 about being a stay-at-home mom, and in her mind, she is still proving that she is right. She talks about her mother's anti FDR views. (Never mind that that was almost 80 years ago) as if they are gospel. Her husband of 40 years was a democrat for the last 32 years of their marriage, but she still thinks he "converted" to spite his parents.

        She will not look at the failings of the Repub. party--in her mind it would be like dissing her mother and Jesus too.

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