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  •  Since everyone else... (11+ / 0-) posting comments along the lines of, "yeah, sounds like mine," I thought I'd post a positive comment.

    I, too, grew up in WI, and attended UW-Madison like many others in my family. My parents voted R for years and years... I believe they voted Bush in 2000 as well. Simply because, "we're Republicans, so we vote Republican." There was very little thought into the vote, even though they are both intelligent, well-educated people.

    The positive side of this is that after the 2000 "election" my sister and I went right at them and didn't back down. We certainly had some heated conversations, but we are lucky enough to be in a family where those kind of conversations aren't going to split anything. Fortunately, no cable TV in the house. In any event, I am certain they both voted Barrett today, which is good, since my sister and I also headed to the coasts (NY and CA).

    One main issue we talked about with them was the comparison of their non-union jobs to union jobs. Getting them to see that instead of saying, "I don't have that, so they shouldn't either," they should be saying, "Everyone should have that, so I am going to support it."

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