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  •  It's not biological or due to age. (18+ / 0-)

    At 72, I am convinced that getting old doesn't change a person's essential character, provided there is no dementia.  The things age changes are related more to physical deterioration; for instance, I am less likely to hike or adventure onto unfamiliar trails because I don't trust my knees, not because I have lost interest in nature or exercise.

    Although my parents were hopelessly to the right all their adult lives and hated Roosevelt, they were also only educated through eighth grade, lived in conservative Nebraska, and grew up very poor, with widowed mothers in the days before Social Security. If they were stingy when they were old and finally had enough to at least be comfortable, it was because they knew what poverty was like and were afraid. They were people who didn't think girls needed college, but at least in old age they had come around--mostly because of what public television said--to believing it was good that I was educated and had a career. So, very slightly, they became more open to ideas as they aged.

    My daughters have had a very different life and all three are well-educated, with careers that have given them better incomes than I ever had from teaching, but they focus on their own lives and ignore all causes, not even paying much attention to the news. They are good to the people in their lives and to themselves, but they see no need to know much about the world or try to improve it. And they have always been that way, maybe in negative reaction to my activism and involvement with groups trying to change things for the better. In any case, age doesn't enter into it.

    •  Thank you (4+ / 0-)

      My family, the younger ones, are the same.  They are good people but simply uninterested in politics and they don't seem to think it affects them.

      My parents were immigrants and poor but they were pro FDR and spoke about him reverently.  But they still were republicans because where we lived to have a county job you had to register republican.  My dad was a cop and usually was apolitical and my mother was fearful having grown up working in textile mills and she saw the power and fury that beat down union organizers.  She died young so she never got to see my actively involved in our teachers' union. She was not alive when I went on strike. I imagine it would have scared her.

      But my dad started turning to the right when Reagan was elected.  I am not sure why but I think my sister who was very much republican influenced him.  She lived near him whereas I was 1600 miles away.  

      I am so saddened that some here seem to think being right wing is a result of aging. I just disagree with that totally.

    •  mostly beacuse (11+ / 0-)
      mostly because of what public television said

      Media does matter!

      The complacency about right wing media domination is one of the many obstacles that prevent the US from ever becoming a decent civilized democracy.

      Propaganda works. Goebbels knew it, Stalin knew it, Murdoch knows it as well.  

      Draw your own conclusions.

      Mine is clear - Fox News needs to go - one way or the other. Maybe the US really needs a more dull TV, FCC mandated moderate balance NPR style on all channels.

      Yes, I know. Holy first cow and all.

      But US Government in the 50s understood this. They had seen Goebbels live. So they basically pulled regulation out of thin air. It can be done again.

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