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    My family, the younger ones, are the same.  They are good people but simply uninterested in politics and they don't seem to think it affects them.

    My parents were immigrants and poor but they were pro FDR and spoke about him reverently.  But they still were republicans because where we lived to have a county job you had to register republican.  My dad was a cop and usually was apolitical and my mother was fearful having grown up working in textile mills and she saw the power and fury that beat down union organizers.  She died young so she never got to see my actively involved in our teachers' union. She was not alive when I went on strike. I imagine it would have scared her.

    But my dad started turning to the right when Reagan was elected.  I am not sure why but I think my sister who was very much republican influenced him.  She lived near him whereas I was 1600 miles away.  

    I am so saddened that some here seem to think being right wing is a result of aging. I just disagree with that totally.

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