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  •  I have a somewhat different perspective... (1+ / 0-)
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    Demographics:  I look at the images, the optics of the campaign and can see immediately that Tom Barrett is an older man and Walker presents as much younger.  Did the demographics as represented by these two men influence the outcome?  My guess is that it did.

    Personally. and I am a few months away from 70 years on the planet, yet even to me, Barrett seemed old and past his sell by date.  He was angry and scolding, like an old man.  Walker kept his cool and his emotional level two valliums below zero.  Walker's demeanor didn't make you like him better but it made Barrett look like a ranting old dude!  Why did he insist on running again?  Who promoted his participation within the party and why was this permitted to happen?

    When the Democratic party of Wisconsin and the DNC and whoever else lets something like this happen it says lots about our leadership.  We are not working together in a way that is encouraging for November are we?

    This is some fuckup indeed.  Democratic leadership gave away the candy store in this state.  How many phd degrees will be juiced out of this situation?

    •  People probably aren't going to want to hear this (2+ / 0-)

      tonight, but I think that's an interesting observation. I personally think there's more than money at work here. There's a limit to what money can buy and the margin of this election suggests more than lavishing money or Obama not hightailing it to Wisconsin for a big rally.

      God, all these Obama-lovers (if you believe exits) voted to keep Walker right where he was. Something about the message or the candidate didn't reasonate here and we'd best figure out what it was and fix it--or educate voters--instead of scapegoating.

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