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View Diary: Here's why: Scott Walker outspent Tom Barrett ten to one (239 comments)

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  •  That's Fine (3+ / 0-)
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    Micheline, mrsgoo, lirtydies

    They are entitled to have that opinion, but it doesn't change the reality of the rules of the game.

    I think what bothers me is there is no first place ribbon being handed out for moral virtue on not donating the way the Koch's have.

    They are entitled to have that belief, but in doing so they are just allowing the Koch's to buy up and consolidate more of the country.

    CU is not going anywhere. We either adapt to the new rules and landscape or we get left behind. There is no middle gound.

    •  Exactly. We have to adapt. We have got to figure (5+ / 0-)
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      JesseCW, DRo, 714day, grrr, NoMoreLies

      out a way to keep them from using our own money against us. The way to do that is quit spending money with them.

      if a habitat is flooded, the improvement for target fishes increases by an infinite percentage...because a habitat suitability index that is even a tiny fraction of 1 is still infinitely higher than zero, which is the suitability of dry land to fishes.

      by mrsgoo on Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 09:34:27 PM PDT

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      •  I agree. We have to stop buying from the donors. (3+ / 0-)
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        DRo, marina, NoMoreLies

        That means turning off our teevees, cancelling our cable and our iphone accounts. It means going to the library to use the internet. It means buying our food at the Farmers' Markets and not buying anything new. It means choosing the least offensive gas station and driving as little as possible. But how many people would be willing to do that?

        48forEastAfrica - Donate to Oxfam> "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." Edna St.V. Millay

        by slouching on Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 10:24:49 PM PDT

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