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View Diary: GOP outplaying its Wisconsin hand (384 comments)

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  •  Incumbants have more power (3+ / 0-)

    Another thing I picked up is it is very very difficult to unseat an incumbant especially one in midstream. What I am sensing is folks want to give obama a real chance on fixing this economy and booting him out midstream is not something that is particularly appealing to voters especially independents and its looking like the felt the same way with walker.  They say politics is local and apparently wisconsin employment is improving regardless if they give walker credit or not, they give this president credit for helping it. Also if you look at other states who unemployment rate is below the country's obama is winnning.   Every poll had barrett losing. From 3 points all the way to 9 and those same polls have obama over 50% and beating romney handidly. And if you throw in the 500,000 voters who didn't vote in recall election, they will be back in the fall to vote in the presidential election.

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