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    I consider the fact that a recall election actually got held to be something of a "win" for our side.  In the end, however, it seems that mere policy differences weren't enough to convince enough people to vote him out.  I have mixed feelings about recall elections myself.  Had I lived in Wisconsin, I'd probably have voted to recall Walker because I don't like what I've heard of the guy but I honestly didn't think that this had a high probability of success given the aforementioned circumstances.  I'm buoyed, however, by the fact that the Dems won back the State Senate and that President Obama is looking good for November so far against Mitt Romney.  Hopefully, the unions and other progressives and Democrats can regroup for November to re-elect President Obama, keep Kohl's Senate seat blue, and elect more Dems to Congress and the State legislature.  Hopefully, we can humiliate the Republicans- whom appear to be misreading the results of the recall and think that Wisconsin might be more competitive for them than it actually is.  

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