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  •  There is no where for public unions to run (1+ / 0-)
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    This proves that public sector unions, and particularly the teachers' unions, have become public enemy number one.  

    Make no mistake about it, people didn't turnout and support Scott Walker yesterday.  They turned out to support his agenda.  I know the kids didn't come out to play, but they almost never do unless BHO is on the ballot (and watch how that turnout drops this election cycle), and I know that a lot of people think recalls are bad policy (but I'm guessing many who thought that just stayed home).  

    But,...I'll bet that 80+% of the voters who voted for Walker yesterday think teachers unions have it too good, and can afford a little trimming.  Maybe 100%.  I know a lot of union members here in western PA.  Some still work in the steel industry.  Some are cops, one's a teamster.  Some are even public employees (municipal or county).  They all dispise the teachers' unions.

    if we take only three things from yesterday, it's these:

    1.  Money and the media it can buy, can overwhelm anger and boots on the ground in local elections.

    2.  If you make an election very personal (i.e. US vesus THEM), the other side will unite behind somebody they only marginally like, because "they're coming after OUR guy".  Worked for Bush in 2004, as well.

    3.  Nobody (at least not enough people to matter) likes public sector unions.

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