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  •  You see, I thought you were talking about (0+ / 0-)

    "Occupiers and some Liberals" ... who ought to listening and learning  ...

    And this reminded me a bit of the Republican bigshot who was expaining that bipartisanship now means that Democrats have to fall in line with Republican/ALEC programme.   Which is of course how GOPers see the world.

    But "Occupiers" have been awfully explicit about not being Democrats per se ... although perfectly willing to work and contribute for candidates with the right ideas who might happen to be Democrats -- and pretty sure that no Republicans are likely to have even remotely decent ideas.

    "Liberals" used to have a party of their own ... at least in NY State -- and IT almost always cross endorsed Democrats.

    But the idea that Wisconsin Light Brigaders ought to have "listened" ... and been instructed to be more pragmatic, less aggressive,  perhaps  not even calling  for a Recall in the first place ...

    I have trouble with that.

    It reminds me of that GOP bigwig whose name I've forgotten.

    Seriously, if the Party no longer represents the interests I consider important ... is saying that "the 'Other Side'  is ever so much worse, really it is" ... true as it is ... is it really enough to do more than perhaps come out to vote (assuming the local powers that be don't make it too difficult, our bosses let us, and the weather isn't too bad?)

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