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    They've been doing this for years in the hostess / soapland / sex trade industries (hiring young women for "fashion modeling", stealing their passports, and then forcing them into prostitution... and if the girls complain, the Ministry of Justice just deports them), and are apparently  expanding into other industries.  

    We have some Chinese workers here in town who work in a tea processing factory (we grow a lot of tea in this town).  They enjoy okay working conditions, but they live in a company-owned apartment with no Japanese residents and are kind of kept separated from the rest of the populace.  I pass the workers going to work when I walk to one of my schools in the morning, and I always go out of my way to say hello, because no one else does.  

    Being a white dude, I'm not shunned, but I'm not a part of the community in the same was as Japanese people are, and I never will be.  I don't mind, and it has taught me a lot about people, but the xenophobia is really bad for Japan's future.

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      other than the phillipina and russian women  working at bars (and English teachers) I wasn't really aware of foreign workers in other industries.  I did, at times, wonder how some of the local manufacturers were staying competetive when China was undercutting them- turns out some of them were getting workers from China.  

      Xenophobia really is going to continue to bite japan in the butt, but I don't know if it's going to get better with guys like Ishihara (mayor of Tokyo) and that other guy from Osaka.  And apparently the mayor from Nagoya as well. I don't follow these things as well as I should, but I hear the three of them are pretty much fascists.    

      "Back off, back off, he's got his own dreams that won't come true!"

      by satanicpanic on Fri Jun 08, 2012 at 07:54:14 AM PDT

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        from Brazil and Peru, mainly, though there are also a lot from China.  The city of Hamamatsu has the largest per-capita population of Brazilians in Japan.  A couple of years back there was a big stink because many store owners in Hamamatsu were refusing to let Brazilians shop at their stores.  The Brazilian community did the unthinkable- they banded together and made a stink, going so far as to sue some of the stores.  Discrimination of this kind is illegal under Japanese law, but it is almost never enforced (I myself have been refused service at a couple of restaurants in the past).  In the end it was smoothed over and the stores allowed the Brazilians to come in... which they didn't, because they then boycotted those stores.  A rare victory.  
        You're right about those governors, and it doesn't stop there- as I've pointed out in other comments in other diaries, almost all of Japan's government class are far right-wing.  I'd say that 80% of politicians are the equivalent of teabaggers, and instead of figuring out the issues at hand they're doubling down on the right-wing rhetoric.  I see it all the time in the schools, and on NHK (not the worldwide NHK, the one they show in Japan).  Many in the younger generation now believe that Pearl Harbor was an orchestrated American trick to draw them into war and conquer Asia; this vision has Japan as the defender of Asia, and they claim things like in Malaysia each year, there's a festival that honors Japan for saving them from the USA (there actually is a festival that's basically "kicking Japan out day").  Additionally, all but a few Japanese I've asked believe that the war started with Pearl Harbor.  I ask them if they know about things like the battle of Singapore, and they look blank.  I ask them if they know that Japan did air sorties over northern Australia, and that there are Japanese war dead buried near Darwin, and they claim I'm mistaken.  Some of them even claim that Australia was Japan's ally in the war.  
        I'm way off on a tangent now, but yeah, xenophobia and lack of historical knowledge are not going to serve Japan well in its future.    

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