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  •  No- it is our responsibility (4+ / 0-)

    women veterans and women soldiers. WE can make enough noise to get the DOD to pay attetion. It has to be us.
    Missogny is rampant in the Army, anyway. That is all I can speak to.
    Many years ago after I had graduated BT in the WAC, Our Drill Sargeant sat us  all down for a little "chat"
    She said" There are many people in the Army, and the outside, that think that you are all whores or lesbians. If you weren't one of those when you came here- you aren't one now. They think that you can't make it on the "outside". Prove them wrong. Never accept being treated like anything less than what you are."
    Sexual harassment in the Army is constant.And you are considered "weak' if you can't handle it yourself.
    The harassment in my case, started as soon as they integrated the women into regular units. But I was lucky- there were still enough women in my chain of command that the Cpt. didn't walk away unscathed
    I made it my business that no one whom I supervised would ever have to stand up to harassment alone. As I rose through the NCO ranks the harassment lessened but was still there. But now I could stand up for myself and my soldiers.
    What we really need is more women in the command structure- that will help change the institutional bias against women.
    And rape and harassment must be treated like the crimes they are.
    " Never accept being treated like anything less than what you are."

    Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause. Mohandas Gandhi

    by onceasgt on Fri Jun 08, 2012 at 12:18:15 PM PDT

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