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  •  However, I don't see your comment as an (1+ / 0-)
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    joe wobblie

    incitement to a 'violent act' any more than other emotional statements on DKos.

    At least allergywoman could have the spine/integrity to own her actions. If her computer is like mine, I have to move a finger to HR. The FAQs don't magically cause pixels to appear.

    "The rules made me do it!" - nonsense. No, allergywoman decided to do it, and then tries to hide behind the "I didn't want to" refrain like misbehaving preschooler.

    Republicans don't own the concept of "personal responsibility", which allergywoman seems to shun.

    As to the others HRing you? Personally, I think it's the sheeple effect.

    •  There are rules and it's up to us (1+ / 0-)
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      to enforce them.  Kos can't be everywhere and even if he could, this is an adult blog and it's up to us to act like adults - including enforcing the rules via hr when someone forgets.  In saying what I said the way I said it, it could easily be taken as inciting violence and we don't do that.  Not only is it against the rules, it's just plain wrong.  allergywoman was reminding me that we don't do that.  The others were doing the same.  Violence is the first, almost automatic, response to violence but it doesn't solve the problem or stop the violence.  I know that.  allergywoman knows that.  The others who hr'd me know that.  In essence we cannot deplore what the others do and then do it ourselves.  When the system is broken the answer is to fix it, not take the law into our own hands.  The hallmark of an adult is to acknowledge the emotions - and then think about consequences before acting upon them.  My original comment should have carried through and not stopped with the initial emotional response that called for violence.

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