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View Diary: Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy: Plot To Sabotage US Economy with Frank Luntz (121 comments)

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  •  Yeah, it's just a little game (3+ / 0-)
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    as he distorts and manipulates the English language so as to mislead the weak minded.  He does it for money and power.  He has no morals and doesn't care that his efforts lead to people dying.  You can defend his sociopathic works but at least acknowledge that the end result of his effort is pain and death to the people he disdains.  I find one of his great manipulations to be the word 'entitlement'.  If you think it's only a game consider the lives, families and generations he's trying to steal trillions of dollars from w/the simple contortion of the word 'entitlement' as it refers to benefits earned and paid for by workers.  This isn't just a word game, this is life and death.

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