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View Diary: The Democratic Party, The Decline of Unions and Voter Apathy...Random Thoughts (94 comments)

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    There's not much left of unions outside the public sector. That may be why public unions don't get huge public support. Most people aren't in a union.

    I think economic populism (class politics) did take a back seat in the 1970's. Didn't Richard Nixon at one point talk about a guaranteed minimuim income?  If that had passed, wouldn't it have really helped?  How much support would that have in the Senate today??  

    I think economic populism and class politics will come back when the electorate begins to support it. Wasn't race partly why class politics declined?  Was it seen as helping someone else?  Contrast New Deal with Great Society?  Also, after the 1984 election the Democratic Party decided the old New Deal class politics just didn't work anymore and moved away from it.

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    by joedemocrat on Fri Jun 08, 2012 at 01:01:25 PM PDT

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