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View Diary: The Democratic Party, The Decline of Unions and Voter Apathy...Random Thoughts (94 comments)

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  •  There's no extra-personal inspiration anywhere. (4+ / 0-)

    The Right can always count on the "inspiring" force of tribalism, greed, and selfishness. Those are part of human nature, though how much we stress them is our concern.

    The Left needs a project. And there aren't any that anyone believes in. There are no medium or long-term future goals at all, even unworthy or silly ones. Just a vacuum.

    One would think that the need to shift the world's entire power supply onto a carbon-neutral basis would catch some people's attention. It's a tremendous challenge and a necessary task. But the attitude is meh. I'm afraid it's going to take some massive disaster, such as half the population of Bangladesh floating face-down in the Bay of Bengal, before people begin paying attention.

    Something broke somewhere, and apart from a few basic and usually unworthy drives, nothing excites people any longer.

    "They smash your face in, and say you were always ugly." (Solzhenitsyn)

    by sagesource on Fri Jun 08, 2012 at 01:35:38 PM PDT

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