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    You said it much better than I did.  

    As I see recent history there has been a conscious effort in the last 10-15 years to marginalize public space development under NASA in favor of private actors. It is driven by human created funding crises and an ideological preference for the private sector. The same dynamic occurred with all the early R&D for the internet: The public shoulders the cost during risky R&D phases, provides a large guaranteed market for early quasi-private actors (defense and space firms are really state corporations run for private profit), then government turns things over to the well-heeled members of those quasi-private actors for mass profits. Socialize the costs, privatize the profits. That is the US model.
    The other galling point for me was that private companies already control the planet's oil, gas, gold, silver, diamonds... even our water and are allowed to make obscene profits selling all this stuff back to us. How much do we really charge them for the privilege? Why is the idea that collectively we could possibly utilize our resources ourselves, without the involvement of private entities, an idea to be scorned?

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