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    These guys are so wrong on so many counts it's hard to know where to start. However, at the very foundation of drawing people to consideration of spiritual issues is the requirement to remove their concern for essential physical survival.  

    The well known Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs lays out one model for that:

    •    Physiological needs are to do with the maintenance of the human body. If we are unwell, then little else matters until we recover.
    •    Safety needs are about putting a roof over our heads and keeping us from harm. If we are rich, strong and powerful, or have good friends, we can make ourselves safe.
    •    Belonging needs introduce our tribal nature. If we are helpful and kind to others they will want us as friends.
    •    Esteem needs are for a higher position within a group. If people respect us, we have greater power.
    •    Self-actualization needs are to 'become what we are capable of becoming', which would our greatest achievement.

    In fact, one of the most well-known "evangelists" of his day, with powerful impact into the present, recognized these issues. William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army said:

    'Nobody gets a blessing if they have cold feet and nobody ever got saved while they had toothache!'
    But what is the use of preaching the Gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated upon a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive?
    When in the streets of London a cab horse, weary or careless or stupid, trips and falls and has stretched out in the midst of the traffic, there is no question of debating how he came to stumble before we try to get him on his legs again.  The cab horse is a very real illustration of poor, broken down humanity - he usually falls down because of over work and under feeding.  If you put him on his feet without altering his conditions, it would only be to give him another dose of agony; but first of all you'll have to pick him up again.  It may have been through overwork or underfeeding, or it may have been all his own fault that he has broken his knees and smashed the shafts, but that does not matter.  If not for his own sake, then merely in order to prevent an obstruction of the traffic, all attention is concentrated upon the question of how we are to get him on his legs again.  The load is taken off, the harness is unbuckled or, if need be, cut, and everything is done to help him up. Then he is put in the shafts again and once more restored to his regular round of work. That is the first point.  The second is that every cab horse in London has three things: a shelter for the night, food for its stomach, and work allotted to it by which it can earn its corn.
    These are the two points of the Cab Horse Charter.  When he is down he is helped up, and while he lives he has food, shelter and work.  That, although a humble standard, is at present absolutely unattainable by millions - literally by millions - of our fellow men and women in this country.
    Where are Barton and his ilk in militating for a living wage, food stamps, free day care, or any of the other supports that would enable people to even have any opportunity to turn their thoughts to self-actualization or higher spiritual ideals?

    from a bright young conservative: “I’m watching my first GOP debate…and WE SOUND LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!”

    by Catte Nappe on Sat Jun 09, 2012 at 06:22:01 PM PDT

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