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View Diary: I have to Get Vaccinated for Whooping Cough - Maybe you should also (UPDATE) (272 comments)

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  •  I was unable to work for a half a year because of (12+ / 0-)

    whooping cough about 18 years ago. My former doctor quack misdiagnosed it as just a cough, one which he was willing to keep writing Rx's for just so he did not have to waste any of his invaluable unvaluable time to see me. When I started to cough so hard I passed out, I went to the ER.

    My quack told the insurance company that I went there for no good reason, that they should deny my claim. However, when the ambulance was sent to my house the time that I passed out at the kitchen sink and struck my head on a door pull (handle) on the way to the floor, the insurance company started to pay.

    That was the start of a life in turmoil. For the next six months, I would cough and pass out as many as 15 times a day. No work, no driving, no walks, just sit at home waiting for the next coughing spell to knock me out. I sat at home, my son and wife worried that the next spell would kill me.

    It was months before a non quack doctor saw me (a very interesting story all it's own) and told me I had whooping cough, which was gone in weeks but had a cough that lasted for months after. When I was ready to go back to work, I was cleared to go back, then laid off for six more months.


    Just your average every day Autistic hillbilly/biker/activist/union steward with an engineering degree.

    by Mentatmark on Sat Jun 09, 2012 at 09:32:19 AM PDT

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