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  •  They backed down (3+ / 0-)
    From Ars Technica

    N. Carolina Senate decides to include science in sea level projections after all

    The North Carolina Senate’s Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee, however, isn't a fan of these projections. Regulations based on sea level projections would mean more area that is currently oceanfront would not be available for development, given that it's likely to end up under water by century's end. The Committee was therefore considering a bill that would mandate that any projections of sea level rise at any level of government in the state would be done by a single state agency, and that agency could only do a linear extrapolation using last century's data.

    This attracted significant national attention, leading the Committee to pass a modified version that tones down the initial language. Now, the Coastal Resources Commission can consider accelerated rates of sea level rise, provided "such rates are from statistically significant, peer-reviewed data and are consistent with historic trends." That language appears to provide enough space for the CRC to use the best available scientific information, provided "historic trends" isn't limited to written history.

    What about my Daughter's future?

    by koNko on Sun Jun 10, 2012 at 07:01:35 PM PDT

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