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  •  and, does OK... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...offer a separation benefit?  In my state, state employees who leave before reaching retirement can take their portion of retirement contributions plus interest.  There are downsides... A employee benefits specialist at your state can help with identifying and weighing pros and cons of the available options.

    This post sent a chill through me.  My best wishes to you.

    •  It sent a chill through me also. (1+ / 0-)
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      I've been thinking about Noddy's situation since I read this diary last night.  If someone with Noddy's skills and obvious work ethics is vulnerable, what IS our society coming to?

      •  It's schisming (1+ / 0-)
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        between the very wealthy, the poor, and the struggling middle that supports the very wealthy in the mistaken idea that the wealthy will admit them into the ranks of the Haves.

        There are always the oddballs and outliers, and I consider myself one of them - cleverly disguised as working poor.

    •  No, the only peopls who (0+ / 0-)

      get severance packages are the unclassified employees.  They are generally also the first to be laid off. Being classified means I don't get paid a lot, but it lso means my job is somewhat sheltered.

      If the agency ever gets defunded and closes, I will be the last employee there. If I haven't retired first.  I just need the agency to stay open at least 6 more years, then I will always have the option to retire.

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