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View Diary: Romney Adviser Attacks President Obama in Germany (77 comments)

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  •  1984 as economic doctrine (12+ / 0-)

    Romney and his advisers have not been coy about calling for massive government spending cuts.  Now they've grown so bold that they are openly calling for cutting hundred of thousands of government jobs - a miniscule distinction but one that shows their mindset.

    Romney's entire bid for POTUS is based on the premise that he can fix the economy and get people back to work.  His explanation for how he is going to do that now boils down to 'I'll fire government workers to create jobs'.

    Just like his take on tax policy (lowering taxes will create more tax revenue) that is extreme Orwellian doublespeak.  We'll create jobs by firing people?  It doesn't matter what language he spouts that in, that's a laughably feeble attempt to disguise ideological goals as policy.

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