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View Diary: Ed Schultz: New Hannity BFF, sells us down the river (update) (203 comments)

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  •  I have no axe to grind, and am glad the diarist (0+ / 0-)

    clarified his point that it is not so much the person he finds offensive as the attack on people's right to boycott advertisers who sponsor speech they find offensive. If I recall correctly, and if I'm wrong please correct me, but I believe part of the requirements to be met by broadcasters using our public airwaves is, does this serve the public interest?

    Since nobody seems to be asking the public if our interests are being served, it falls to us to make our feelings known on this issue by whatever means best serve the purpose. Boycotting sponsors works and it works more effectively than boycotting programming. Rush is proud of pissing everybody off and happy to say so. If the Supreme Court says spending money is free speech and protected under the constitution, then not spending money ought to be accorded the same protection, no? And since a sponsor boycott only works if a lot of people participate, it is far more democratic a process than a few very wealthy people dumping gobs of money into something. In today's political climate, this is how the 99% lobby and vote. We didn't create this climate, and don't need a bunch of crap for doing our best to survive in it.

    I quit school very young, and never learned how to believe things just because I was told to.

    by socalmonk on Mon Jun 11, 2012 at 11:18:10 AM PDT

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