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  •  I think you are missing the point. (0+ / 0-)

    Ms. Myers is woman, but is NOT feminist.  Her point of view is so anti-feminist that I wonder why she bothers at all to say she considers herself one.  It seems she hates feminist fundamentals.

    Where did she get the idea that women complaining about  the use of 'scantily clad women' to sell a product is 'anti-sexuality' ?  Ms. Myers, the use of a woman's body to sell a product SI objectification and has nothing at all to do with sexuality.  Anyone who has read anything at all on feminism is aware of the difference.  

    It is necessary for you to understand that the display of nude/semi-nude  women to sell a product is precisely the definition of exploitation.  There is no room here for your opinion unless you plan on creating the Bizarro World of Feminism where left is right and black is white.

    Her op-ed continues to say that by 3 to 1 women were saying using a sexualized image  of a woman to make a point is exploitive.  That is also feminism.  She is shocked to see that anyone would object to this.  ALL feminists, no matter if you are first, second or third wave, sex positive, radical, eco, lipstick, butch or anarcho-feminist understand this.

    She has confused the issue of personal expressions of sexuality and body image with empowerment.  This has nothing to do with the issue she is discussing.

    I can almost imagine feminists banging their heads against the wall in attempts to reason with her anti-feminist feminist logic.
    In the feminist discussion group this article was posted to there was not one feminist who agreed with any part of this Bizarro editorial.  As a matter of fact, some women refused to discuss it calling it a fraud written by a men's rights activist.  They refused to believe it was written by a woman, a feminist.

    The middle section of the editorial is more like soft porn than feminist empowerment. There were many in the group, myself included that were insulted and angry that a trans woman was attempting to instruct women how to think like a feminist woman.  I accept trans women in feminism, but for the first time ever, I saw the argument of those who do not.  Please do not tell feminists that fundamental feminist beliefs are wrong and attempt to explain your reasoning behind it with sexist statements.

    I highly suggest you listen to those 3 to 1 feminists or an entry level feminism text before you further insult us with your anti-feminist rhetoric and tell generations of feminists they are wrong.

    Not all women are feminist.  Being a woman does not admit you.  Only in understanding the principles and living them out loud gives you the right to say "I am a feminist."

    •  If the response I have gotten from friends... (0+ / 0-)

      ...who identify as feminists - and have for all of their lives - is any indication, then the ratio of women who support what I had to say would change to about 4:1 in favor.  You scold me for my "anti-feminist rhetoric" that purportedly says that "generations of feminists" are wrong.  Obviously, there is enough of a gray area in this discussion, whether you like it or not.  The feeling I get from a lot of women is that they don't care who it is telling them what they should think or feel or be, whether it be men, society, or feminists: they will decide for themselves.  Isn't that what you're supposed to be fighting for?  

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