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View Diary: Chicago teachers vote overwhelmingly to strike. Here's why they're right to ask for a big raise. (212 comments)

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  •  Do you really not get that the working class rises (4+ / 0-)
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    and falls together????

    Begrudge one group an increase and the rest will never get the opportunity to rise, either.  

    If Rahm is willing to break the union over this, it will show his true colors even more than his past behaviors.  And remember, while you may agree with Rahm that he's all powerful, there's nothing like arrogance to help someone fall hard.  

    90 percent of all teachers voted against this.  A twenty four percent raise is a starting point for negotiations.  If Rahm is going to stick his heels in at giving them a two percent raise with a ten or twenty percent increase in workload, I'd like to know how he thinks he's going to manage to replace ninety percent of the teachers in order to break the union.  Methinks he just might have let his head get so big, he might end up being the one who's broken if he's not willing to be more reasonable.

    "If you trust you are not critical; if you are critical you do not trust" by our own Dauphin

    by gustynpip on Wed Jun 13, 2012 at 02:04:01 AM PDT

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