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View Diary: Chicago teachers vote overwhelmingly to strike. Here's why they're right to ask for a big raise. (212 comments)

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  •  which you seem to have failed... (0+ / 0-)

    since the total is 30+%


    In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress. -John Adams

    by rcnewton on Wed Jun 13, 2012 at 10:39:36 AM PDT

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    •  Listen, we arguing with a Republican (0+ / 0-)

      Who wants to break the union.  Why I am I bothering with this?  What a waste of time.  

      •  When we're arguing with Republicans we feel free (0+ / 0-)

        to say that 1 + 1 = 1.5 and you'll damn well like it!

        Arithmetic is a dead white male ideology used to hold down the working man!

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