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  •  Falk would have lost by even more (10+ / 0-)

    First of all, the fact that the article quoted refers to the "Madison movement" shows that that author has no idea what he is talking about.  It was a Wisconsin movement-- not a Madison movement.

    Second of all, while it is true that Barrett was not the candidate of the movement, neither was Falk.  Falk was the candidate of the union leadership.  She had no more organic connection to the movement than did Barrett.  The chief difference between them is that Falk was willing to commit herself publicly to vetoing any state budget that did not restore public sector collective bargaining rights-- a pledge that would have doomed her to catastrophic defeat in the general election.

    That particular pledge is an example of the type of politics that Lakoff is condemning.  Rather than offering a moral vision of the public good that is inclusive (which is what Lakoff is calling for), Falk framed herself as the candidate of the "self-serving government workers."  There are virtually no Walker voters who would have voted for Falk, but there are plenty of Barrett voters who would have not voted for Falk.

    As I reflect on all this, I become convinced that we lost the messaging war in the fall and winter, and that there's little that either Falk or Barrett could have done to have turned that around in the context of the truncated campaign.

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