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  •  So close but so far- Wisconsin ethos (4+ / 0-)

    In Wisconsin, at least, it's not quite like that.  Here, the foundational myth of Wisconsin society is based on the independent yeoman farmer.  Most people consider themselves to either be one or to be one step removed.  It's fundamental to the identity.

    But the thing about that type of people is that they naturally take care of each other, neighbors, and even strangers who need help.  The reason is that it's a sign of individual strength to be able to support others.  But to be forced to do so by an outside authority, such as a government, is an insult.

    Even your suggestions are too policy-wonky and specific.  What would work far better is to show how ideas like solidarity actually fulfill 'right-wing' morals like individual strength.

    But such necessitates a massive change in even how the 'left' thinks of such things.  This idea that people have to be FORCED to help others has to end.

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