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  •  Recall in California (1+ / 0-)
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    The recall in CA followed the blackouts for blackmail by Enron and friends.  Everyone paid large utility payments for several months until Grey Davis stepped in with some state money.  Grey Davis was furious at the GOP-related scam.  The GOP organized the deregulation and invited the energy companies in to do their rip-offs. When Davis went after the money they stole, the fat cats stepped in with their "Walker" in the form of Swartzenegger.  Arnie was cool and most people voted for him as a well-known actor (like Reagan).  Arnie never went after the stolen loot.  What really happened to Davis who had just been reelected never made the news.  But the state flipped to Democratic after the blackout mess and other than Arnie and GOP obstruction, has remained blue.  WI and other red states could change if the fat cats steal enough to be obvious.
    There is real objection to public unions that has been stoked for years by the GOP.  In that case, the unions and their members need to do a better job with their frames or they are toast.

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